Review: Bill Burr Is Who We Thought He Was

by Pub Sports Radio

Within the massive Royal Albert concert hall in London, Bill Burr strolls to center stage in front a sold-out crowd of 5,267 seats, ready to tear PC culture in half.

In the new Netflix comedy special, Paper Tiger, Burr dives directly into the massive struggles that have resulted from the political correctness that has been adopted in the last few years. By ten minutes into the taping, he has already berated trans culture, disabled representation, and even the white race itself.

Many people have had recent issues with the lack of political correctness found within the comedy world. Most recently the spotlight has been scorching the newly released Dave Chappelle special, “Sticks and Stones”, which was released on August 26th.

Viewers were left shocked by the blatant disregard for the unwritten rules of the politically correct culture that now monitors anyone in the public eye. Following the lead, Burr missed no chance to take a swing at the same very expectations. Fair warning, if you were not a fan of the Chappelle special, the Burr special is definitely not for you.

A lesser know fact is that Bill Burr cut his teeth in the comedy business as a writer on The Chappelle Show. Appropriately, both these seasoned comedians stick to their roots and let it be shown that crude observational humor is not going anywhere.

However, Burr is able to dance around his personal disapproval of each subject without becoming the villain. Instead, he paints a picture to the viewer of the ideal society that PC culture suggests and highlights the absurdity of some of its practices and the lack of authenticity.

In one point of the special, Burr points out the catch-22 situation of feminists cheering on Michelle Obama for her success as the first lady. On the opposite end he points out the obvious backlash the husband of a woman president would receive if he had the same type of career success by just being the “first lady”. Saying that “the first time that dude opens his mouth about some political shit” that feminists would criticize him saying “It is her time now. It is her time. She was elected, not you!”

The joke set up that Burr has adopted where he starts his joke out at 100% in your face and then slowly reels the audience back in through reasoning and personal experiences helps to snatch back his humanity before he goes too far. As I watched the special, I could not help but notice how much I compared him to a normal guy that a person might run into on the street.

As a viewer you can tell he is not on stage in the hopes of changing anyone’s opinion or to stand up for those who have wronged people, he just legitimately just sees the humor in the recent shifts in society compared to when he was younger.

All in all, stand-up comedy continues to be a leading sector in freedom of speech and the comedians who push back the “cancelled culture” disables the ability to kill observational comedy.

All things considered, the special was cleverly set up to get the viewer to take a second look at the rhetoric of political correctness. And in a world where everything is either one side or the other its nice to see someone bluntly stand in between and present a realist view.

-Meghan Noelle

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