Betting Beyond Sports; A Way to Hang Out During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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Betting Beyond Sports; A Way to Hang Out During the COVID-19 Pandemic


The outbreak of COVID-19 has caused all sports to stop around the world. Even the Tokyo 2020 Olympics have had to be postponed for a year due to the virus. Given this scenario, sports bettors have been left without activity. They are sitting at home waiting for everything to go well, and the leagues can be resume shortly to gamble again.

But the fact that there is no sports activity does not mean that you cannot place bets. The big betting sites have always had a varied and entertaining catalog of betting options beyond sports. With the current situation, this type of betting is the perfect way to satisfied or hungry for betting and get some action.

Here are some of the betting options that can make us have a good time and even win some money.

Stock Exchange

I’ve always believed that stockbrokers look a lot like gamblers, as both activities rely heavily on data analysis, predicting possible outcomes, and of course, high doses of luck. Currently, daily bets can be placed to determine how the indicators of the stock market will close.

These bets work the same as the over / under of any game and are presented as follows:


o21750 -105

u21750 -125

If you have always wanted to make money with the stock market, this is your opportunity. The current situation makes the markets very volatile with great falls and rises during the day, so this becomes a fascinating option to bet on.

TV series

One of the main recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19 is social distancing, that means spending more time at home. Many are using this time to watch television and do movie marathons on streaming platforms. For those who watch tv series, sites like Bovoda are offering betting options for various television shows. The most popular one currently is Westworld. Bovada’s head oddsmaker, Pat Morrow, told TheWrap. “One of the most popular betting markets in 2019 was the final season of ‘Game of Thrones.’ So it only made sense to make props on the show taking over its time spot, ‘Westworld.’

The main betting options available are:

Which Host Character From Season 2 Is Charlotte Being Controlled By?

Other +130

None (Charlotte Is Still Charlotte) +160

Teddy +200

Who Will Perish Next?

Ash +150

G +150

Liam +350

William +1500

Maeve +2000

Charlotte +2500

Bernard +3000

Dolores +3000

Caleb +4500

Betting on the weather

This may not be the most exciting betting option. Still, there is a whole market for betting on the weather, and due to the current situation, its popularity is increasing. We can find all temperature lines, seasonal weather lines, precipitation lines, international weather lines, and even live weather betting action.

Most of these betting options work under the logic of over / under. For example:

What will be the maximum temperature in New York City, New York on March 31?

Winner Odds

OVER 58 Degrees Fahrenheit -230

UNDER 58 Degrees Fahrenheit +170

Marbula One

Finally, my favorite option of all the Marbula One. Basically, we are talking about marbles races through elaborate tracks. These events are held by Jelle’s Marble Runs, a group based in the Netherlands that has spent years conducting this type of competition, but who have gained popularity in recent weeks. BetOnline has released odds to bet on different events. The betting dynamic is similar to that of betting in Formula 1 or Nascar where the bettor must choose the team that he believes will win each race.

These are the current odds for the top 4 teams:

Marbula One Championship Odds

Winner Odds

Savage Speeders +200

Hazers +400

Team Galactic +500

Snowballs +600

This is a good time for gamblers to try their luck with other bets that are just as entertaining and exciting as betting on an NFL or NBA game.


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