Best of The Elders: Top Two Wingers in the NHL

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Best of The Elders: Top Two Wingers in the NHL

By: Joe Borek (@jjborek26)

After doing the goaltending Best of the Elders version already now, there is no time better to release the wingers’ edition. Centers will not be included in this article as they will be in a separate piece entirely. So without further ado, let us get right into it. Again this is going to be a bet of players over 32, which is right around the average time career average players start to tail off.

1. Alexander Ovechkin

Is this one even up for debate? The answer is no. Ovechkin has been consistently the best winger in the league for years now, let alone the best of the elders. He is still playing at a high level and, in recent years, has played his best defense. He has Barry Trotz to thank that for pushing him to play on the other end as well. That has helped him to get even better into his now middle 30s. He is the man who will break Wayne Gretzky’s record at some point for goals likely scored, so there is no doubt in mind he is beyond deserving of ranking number one. Right now, Ovechkin has 711, just like the food joint. He needs to get to 895 to beat Gretzky. Think he gets there? Let me know in the comments. I sure as hell think he does.

2. Blake Wheeler

This man is by far also top 5, at least i the most underrated players of all time. Only one AllStar appearance, are you kidding me. He is an excellent passer with obviously good scoring ability and 267 and clearly on pace to finish with over 300 career goals in his career. Wheeler is not just a menace to deal with offensively but is a top-notch defensive player. He is one of those guys that can play on both the PK and PP and flourish on each. He still plays at 34, over 18 minutes a night, and has shown no signs of slowing down soon. Like Ovechkin mentioned above, Wheeler is aging like a fine wine, good for him. He deserves it and deserves more AllStar appearances and respect from some. He is one of the more productive two-way players of this era. That should mean a lot more than the respect he has been shown thus far. He should have had way more Selke recognition, but that’s ok. He is just going to prove his doubters wrong time and time again. He is ranked two, and if he gets a Cup or two could be a future Hall of Famer. Let that one sink in.

So there you have it, the Best of the Elders Wingers Edition hope yall enjoyed it. Stay safe out there, and stay tuned for my Centers article upcoming. Also, please check out all of my fellow collegues’ great content on the site. Enjoy all the great hockey action.

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