Best Of The Elders: Top Two Centers in the NHL

by Pub Sports Radio

Best Of The Elders: Top Two Centers

By Joe Borek (@jjborek26)

I hope yall have been enjoying The Best of The Elders series. After examining goalies and forwards in the last two pieces, let us now get into the top two centers in the league above the age of 32. So without further ado, here are the top two centers in the NHL right now above the age of 32.

  1. Sidney Crosby

This is a; no-brainer Crosby is the Goat of our generation, the Wayne Gretzky of our generation. He is clearly the top on the list above 32 and likely top three on some people’s overall centers list. The main thing about Crosby some don’t give him enough credit for is his elite-level defense. Crosby has always been an absolute beast on offense, but as time went on kept improving on defense to become one of the best two-way players in the league. If he did not play so many minutes already, you would definitely see him on the PK more, which he is already on, just not exclusively cause of his long log of minutes played in general. This season for the sputtering Penguins, Crosby has four goals and six assists for ten points in twelve games played. He has shown no signs of slowing down. The only question now is with Hextall as Gm, will he still finish his career in Pittsburg? Other than that, do not expect Crosby to wind down anytime soon. He is going to continue to age like a fine wine.


2. Patrice Bergeron

This might be the list with the most obvious first two players. Crosby, as stated above, is the clear number one. Well, just as he is the clear one, Bergeron is the clear two. You don’t have people on social media asking or talking about renaming the Selke the Bergy in the future for no reason. Bergeron has consistently been one of the more productive two-way players in the game. He is a four-time Selke winner but would have won much more times if they didn’t mind giving it to the same person over and over again. For my basketball fans, the Lebron MVP debate is comparable. Bergeron is also always one of the best possession players, just like Crosby, and his money on the faceoff. This is huge because, obviously, winning faceoffs is key to winning games. After all, it’s the best way to get possession of the puck. Just ask the 2021 struggling NY Rangers. For his career, Bergeron has 887 points with 359 goals and 528 assists to make up those points. Just like Crosby, he is a player that could still be very productive at 40 or more if he does decide to play that long. 


So there you have it, the top two centers above the age of 32. Do you agree? If not, who are your top two and why? Let me know in the comments or over on Twitter which is best @jjborek26. I hope you enjoyed the read. Have a safe day all and enjoy the hockey. 


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