Battle of the Paradises NBA Finals Preview

by Pub Sports Radio

Battle of the Paradises NBA Finals Preview

By: Joe Borek (@jjborek26)


Ladies and gents we have an NBA Finals that is a battle of paradises from LA’s Malibu to Santa Monica Pier. Then you have Miami Beach to the wonderful sites of Disney and Universal in Florida. Two wonderful destinations for visitors once COVID lifts again. A west coast paradise vs an east coast paradise team is what the Finals have boiled down too. The never let up Miami Heat vs the ultimate duo led Lakers. Time to get into what is going to be an electric series. That for sure is certain. What is not certain is who will be crowned champion. Let us now dive into it and explore what could get each team  over the hill to become NBA Champions.

The Miami Heat led by Jimmy “Buckets” Butler are a team to marvel. They went from a middle of the pack fifth seed to being now the Eastern Conference representative for the NBA Finals. This team took on the bulldog confident personality of Butler and it shows. Just look at Tyler Herro who as a kid is balling this playoff. He also stood up for himself against Paul Pierce who called him out. Duncan Robinson has also been a good pickup for the Heat along with Crowder who has had a bounce-back season with them.

Moving on further into the Heat. We cannot mention the Heat without mentioning Adebayo who we know Jimmy Buckets loves from recent quotes and many throughout the year. This man is not the biggest center at only 6’9 but he sure as hell plays a lot bigger. This playoff he averages a double-double of 18.5 points with 11.4 rebounds. He also usually gets about a block per game. So with his defense combined with Butler’s stellar full-court play, along with Iguodala’s defense when he plays, the Heat have a very good defensive team when we already know they have a good offensive team. The only question is will this never give in bulldog mentality team be enough to beat the top echelon Los Angeles Lakers. Let us get into that below.

So time for some Lake Show talk. Sorry Heat fans I’ve been riding with your team all playoffs and they have won me some good money. So thanks for that. However, I think the marvelous run is done here. The Lakers have a historic duo with LeBron and Anthony Davis along with Playoff Rondo. The Heat only have experience in Butler and Crowder who is a nice extra player. As well as Dragic and Bam Bam as well. The problem is these players do not have much deep run playoff experience.

So now its time to see what they can do which to me will be forcing the series six games against a dynamic duo in LA. That is a win for the Heat itself getting this far and forcing a series six games. It is just once that game six comes AD averages over 30 in his playoff career and we don’t even need to get into how good Lebron is in playoffs. Let’s just say this dynamic duo has been uncracked yet and ultimately I do not think it will be cracked and AD and Lebron will lead the Lake Show Lakers to a 2020 NBA Finals Win.

So What is your prediction for the NBA Finals?  Let us know in the comments section of the article if you want or over on Twitter.

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