Baseball is Back!

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Baseball is Back

By Andrew Santangelo (@aj_Santangelo)


Both teams lined up with the Opening Day logo on the field before the start of the Houston Astros home opener at Minute Maid Park, Friday, April 5, 2019, in Houston.


After the last month of MLB, negotiations were a train wreck; there will be baseball. It Is not due to the fact negotiations got better after the latest rejection from the MLBPA, commissioner Rob Manfred is implementing a 60 game season. After the MLB owners voted to pass this along to make sure there is a season, but it will be far from a regular season that fans usually love. With this news happening late Monday night, there will be a season assuming health officials allow it. So what will the season look like?

The 2020 MLB season will include a 60 game season, which is only 37% of the regular season. The second spring training will start roughly around July 1 if the player’s union passes the health deal on returning to training and getting ready for the season. After this past week, where there was a spike in MLB players and workers at some spring training facilities means that the Spring Training will be held at their ballparks for the majority of teams.

Opening Day will take place on July 24th or around that date and run through September. After the entire debate of expanded playoffs as the players wanted to add playoffs during this odd year, but that was shut down, and playoffs will remain with ten teams just like any other season. The players’ salaries will be prorated, which is what the players wanted all along. This means they will be making about 37% of their typical salaries by season-ending. The DH will still be universal for the upcoming season; however, instead of the expected carryover into 2021, the universal DH will be JUST for 2020 and return to normalcy in 2021.

The next thing to turn to is figuring out the health and safety of the game itself and the travel period for all teams. The return date will rapidly approach. With the return to spring training just over a week away, that will not be much time to originally quarantine like the league initially wanted. The players will have to travel fast. Some of the current rules expected are players not participating in the game would sit in stands at least six feet apart. The rules that will look different is no chewing of tobacco or sunflower seeds and spitting during the game which anyone who watches baseball knows this is such normality of the game the players will have to adjust there.


The players will be forced to have their temperature checked more than once a day, and it is mandatory to have more than one test for the coronavirus throughout the week. This was not what everyone wanted, as this look will be different. If anyone looks back to last season, 60 games in a season can search a whole lot different by the end of the year. There would have been at least three teams that would have ended up missing the postseason after being in playoff spot through the first 60 games. One of the final questions is how many players will show up or how many people will sit out. The MLBPA will have until 5 PM to agree on everything this Tuesday, which could also include Tony Clark filing grievance against the MLB, which could cause another hold.

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