Baseball is a Mess, Now More Than Ever

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Baseball is a Mess, Now More Than Ever


By: Andrew Santangelo (@Aj_santangelo)



The latest baseball update is not a good one, unfortunately. After the newest proposal that Jose Bouquett and Andrew Santangelo talked about on their latest show, more details have been released. After the MLBPA and MLB group shared taking shots at each other over the weekend, more came out on Monday. After four days of saying there will “100% be baseball this season,” commissioner Rob Manfred backed track Monday, saying now the season is uncertain. Major league Baseball has the question: what could have quickly changed? The answer to that is how scared baseball is because of they know-how in the wrong they are.

Manfred has the right to force a 48-52 game season if a deal is not completed. After accusing the players of basically working in an unfaithful matter with the league, the MLBA responded, saying, “tell us when and where we will be there.” They wanted their response by Monday. Instead of Manfred giving them a date, he talked about his concern for the 2020 season. The MLB in their letter back to the PA said that “there would be no 2020 season unless the players waived any legal claims against the league”. This means the league knows the MLBPA has an argument and would be SCARED to play a 2020 season with a high chance of a potential grievance claim coming at them. The other way to know when you are in the wrong is when multiple players and reporters are speaking out against the league.

Major League Baseball is scared because they were not expecting the players to respond and give them a date to start the season. The MLB now realizes that the MLBPA has a legitimate argument.

Jake Diekman has been a major league pitcher since 2012 and is voicing his frustration. The players, fans, reporters, etc., have had enough of this, but unfortunately, the league does not want to play. Rob Manfred and the owner continue to be too stubborn about negotiating anything as they continuously offer the same deal just in different wording. Manfred is having people turn against the sport, and it is not for the better. He has already been criticized for past rule changes that he is implementing or already has. This is the final straw for some people.


This is a disgrace for baseball the sport, embarrassing for fans and players, and lastly, an unfortunate situation that in the middle of an odd year the owners have made it more about money than trying to help the game and the world. The owners have put themselves in an awful spot and the league itself. Changes need to be made, and it starts with the commissioner. The sport is in wrong hands right now.


Trevor Baur has voiced his frustration over the commissioner multiple times, and here is just the latest example. The full thread can be seen on his Twitter account. These two sides were rumored to have a very frustrating call Monday that made no progress but had a lot of yelling.
The baseball season is in more jeopardy than ever, not only in 2020 but beyond that as well. The sport is going to be losing a lot of fans, now and possibly in 2022, when this whole thing happens again. It is facing the strike before the strike. If they miss this year and 2022, the number of fans they would be losing would be a way to big. The league continued to TRY and make the players look horrible, and everyone is starting to see it. The world has caught them in their lie. People make the joke about baseball being a dying sport; well, it sure seems like that is Manfred’s goal. It is time for a change!

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