Bad Birds Diaries: Lamar’s Lament

by Taco Joe
Last night, UTSA Baseball beat ex-rival Lamar in fantastic fashion. We defeated the Cardinals 25-2.
You read that right folks, TWENTY-FIVE TO TWO.
It got so bad that we were asked to stop with our traditional nonsense because it would be mean to continue. But it’s hard to keep a Bad Bird down.
In around the third or fourth inning I saw a double play so beautiful the Grand Canyon got jealous. The boys went Chap* more times than I can remember, RBIs where had by many, the first second and fifth inning lasted more than 20 minutes a piece. It was an all around MASSACRE.
Lamar had a rough bus ride back to wherever they are from. The Boys in Blue and Orange had a fine batting practice yesterday, and the Bad Birds got to rest their throats
for Old Dominion.
Be at the Bird Bath this Friday for a good time, and a good game, against a hated rival.
*going Chap- The UTSA Baseball field is located in front of the Chaparral (Chap) Dorms. It is located in such a way that when a home run is hit, it is hit in the direction of Chap. Ergo ‘Going Chap” refers to the ball getting hit out of the park, towards Chap, meaning a Home Run.
EX: Announcer: Here comes the pitch to Paxton, IT’S A HIT!
Fans: He’s going Chap! He’s going Chap!
Ball: *Flies over the fence*
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