Author: Taco Joe

There’s so much to love about this campaign. First off anything Yodel Kid does is FIRE and this song is absolutely no different. I haven’t wanted to dance to a song this much in months. When he hits that “methaaaaaaaaaane” the world just seems to be a little bit better than it is right now. […]

Henry the Puffy Taco, Tori the Tower, H-E-Buddy, and now Sweetie the Sweet Tea. In a town full of non-sports-related mascots a new cartoony inanimate object joins the scene. Sweetie’s friendly, Sweetie’s cool, and most of all as sweet as a gallon of Bill Miller’s famous Sweet tea. It’s Sweetie the Sweet Tea. It’s a […]

There’s been this video floating around the internet for what seems like forever of a person cutting into a seemingly regular object (that is almost always not cake), then when they take the slice out. Low and behold whatever that thing that you knew for sure wasn’t a cake, is in fact a cake. Some […]

Today is the 35th anniversary of my favorite movie of all time, Back To The Future. I love everything about this movie. Marty McFly, the main character, is their epitome of cool. He plays the guitar, he swaggers around the town be it ’85 or ’55, and he swashbuckles like a pirate. He’s cool under […]

This morning I went to the Dentist, and I really don’t like the dentist. Not so much the hard-working medical professionals that want to make people’s mouths better, but the institution of the dentist. The scraping, the jaw-prying, the suction, and high powered water shooting, I hate all of that. It’s so painful and reminds […]

I’ve made a promise to myself during quarantine. When this damned virus is over and when I have my degree, I’m going to travel. I want to see the Crimson Tide storm the field in Tuscaloosa, I want to work on a shrimp boat in New Orleans, I want to eat North Carolinian Barbecue, and […]

In their 128 year history, the Crimson Tide has played its fair share of giants. One of those behemoths being The Rice Owls. In the Tide’s three encounters with William Marshall Rice University, Bama was unable to beat the Owls at all. On that same token, the Bad Birds from Babcock, our very own Roadrunners […]

This series started at the end of March and came to its conclusion this past week and honestly I’m still reeling from it. Dorktown, the series on SB Nation’s youtube account did a magnificent job explaining the sheer weirdness of Seattle’s ballclub. From the fiery beginnings of the team and the misery of the first […]

These are uniforms. They’re easy, they’re cool and they represent their city perfectly. Let’s go one by one. Now, this is something I can get behind. The Browns, erm brown, is really nice. It’s almost leather-like in its chocolate tones. The contrast of the bright white and orange, on top of that brown, is iconic, […]

Not even 24 hours after the Bucs release their bland assault on NFL Uniforms the Falcons come at us with this nonsense. So here we go again. White uniforms are supposed to be bland, whatever. Now white tops with red bottoms I would like if this red was literally any shade darker. These uniforms are […]

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