Author: Taco Joe

I’m upset. It’s April 4th, and I should be arguing who is going to be QB1 for the Roadrunners with my friends right now. I’m mad that I can’t do this, so I’m blogging some thoughts, and so I can beat Jamar to it. In my opinion, there are 3 quarterbacks who have a shot […]

In quarantine I’ve been rewatching the MCU in order of release. I’ve seen most of these movies at least 3-5 times each, and while watching Spider-Man: Homecoming I noticed something that many Webheads like myself have in the past.  Peter’s principal, known as Principal Morita, is related to Jim a member of Captain America’s Howling […]

The Tenessee Volunteers were named after the spirit of volunteering of the “great” state of Tennessee. Partially based on the Tennessean men who fought side by side Andrew Jackson (who was an undeniably terrible person but whatever) in the War of 1812, and that’s all fine and good, but what gets me is that the […]

  OOOOOOOH Boy OOOOOOOOOOOH Boy, nothing gets me excited for NFL Football like a late winter uniform tease. Especially when the uniform is on my Top Ten Uniforms of All-Time list. I’ve stated millions of times how much I adore the Buccaneers Creamsicle jerseys. They’re just so much fun to look at.  My prediction is […]

  What a commercial. I’ll break it down, show by show. Falcon and Winter Soldier The first image of the whole commercial is just incredible. Cap’s shield stuck in a tree and Fal- sorry Captain Ame- wait no he is going by Falcon? Whatever his name is, grabbing it out of the tree and practicing […]

Doubt us, look over us, think we’re nothing, forget about us, think whatever you want about us because I guarantee you, you will remember our names. The Longhorns overlooked us until our bats woke up in the late innings, The Mustard Buzzards thought nothing of us till I made their ears bleed. Rice, Southern Miss, […]

A few days ago, me and some friends went to TopGolf. Now, if you know anything about me I historically HATE  TopGolf. But last night was different, I finally had an enjoyable time. I know what your thinking, Taco Joe, How could anyone hate TopGolf? It’s such an enjoyable and fun activity that you can […]

Here we go folks, 2020 Roadrunner Football is upon us, sort of, we still have quite a while till the Tigers and us get to dance, but we took a much needed first step today, we know when and where the games are happening. I’ll highlight the five I’m most interested in.  September 5 LSU […]

Baseball fans, comedy fans, and really anyone who is a fan of a compelling human story should be in on Brockmire. The show revolves around Jim Brockmire, played by Hank Azaria from Simpsons fame, and his life as a Pro Baseball broadcaster. He’s a raging alcoholic with a wicked lack of tack and political correctness […]

Dallas has a new head coach, Mike McCarthy and I have a few thoughts. First off, anything to get Garret out of Dallas is good for me. He wasted my favorite quarterback’s career, in the words of Dez Bryant “I have no sympathy.” I’m sure Garret was a great man, and I’m sure he’s hurting, […]

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