Another Rejected Proposal, Major League Baseball’s Latest Failed Attempt at Beginning The Season

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Another Rejected Proposal, Major League Baseball’s Latest Failed Attempt at Beginning The Season

FILE – In this April 29, 2015, file photo, Baltimore Orioles’ Caleb Joseph connects for a single against the Chicago White Sox in Baltimore. Jeff Samardzija pitched for the White Sox in the game at Camden Yards closed to fans because of rioting in Baltimore prompted by the death of Freddie Gray, a 25-year-old black man who died in police custody. U.S. sports leaders are now weighing whether to bar fans from ballparks and stadiums to help stall the coronavirus outbreak. (AP Photo/Gail Burton, File)


In the last week, NHL has come up with their return plan, early Wednesday the NBA is close to returning, and finally, the sport of Baseball comes out with the news. The news no matter what side of the argument, you are only should make both the players and owners feel embarrassed. The owners offered an 82 game season that was later countered by the MLBPA with 114 games. Early Wednesday afternoon, the owner rejected the proposal and said there would not be a counter.

This shows how both sides of this equation are going to stand their ground. Some initially believed it would start to even out, and both sides might start to meet halfway. However, neither party is moving toward the other direction. Players want as many games as possible so they can make more money while owners want as little games to save more money on their end. The players want their original agreement of prorated salaries that was agreed upon back at the end of March. The critical factor in that past deal was after the pandemic had already started, the league was already suspended, so the owners were well aware of the situation.

With this deal being rejected here on June 3rd, this means the original hopefulness of starting the second spring training camp mid-June to get the season started by early July is not going to happen now. The dream of this great sport having the perfect opening day lineup up on a day like July 4th would have been absolute for this season. This will still be my dream, but again it will only be a dream.

These two sides seem to care less about actually playing as each day goes by. The report during this past week that came out saying multiple owners would be okay with missing the 2020 season and waiting for 2021 season is a disgrace, to the game, to the fans, to the players, to everything. Now without this season, it is starting to affect the next levels of even the minor league game. Multiple teams this past week are cutting small league players, shortening how long they will pay them for, etc.

The players who have already agreed to salaries this season is in a new spot. After they received a tone of criticism for the way some players handled this at the start of these proposals are starting to have the upper hand. After the 82 game proposal by the owner that would have had the stars who make the sports money take significant pay cuts going from about 35M to 7.84M brought out the actual image of the owners. Then they decided to counter the offer and give the league one of their own forcing it on the owners makes the owners look worse now that they declined it.

Overall it seems like the owners have put themselves in a position where it looks like they care more about themselves than the actual game itself. The world gets the fact that money will be lost if they play; however, every company has lost money during this time; workers have lost money and their jobs. They can make more money back for themselves faster than anyone else. The 50 games just seem like the owners throwing something out to make it look like they are trying.

We will continue to evaluate all the news that comes out, but as of now, the league and the players seem so far off it is officially time to worry about the season if you were not already. Ken Rosenthal put it the best way the “sides are deadlocked” those three words are not ones you want to here. If a deal ever happens, we have to remember they will need about a month of spring training before starting the regular season, so the deadlines on everything continue to rapidly approach because the MLB will not want to compete with the NFL into December.


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