ACC DEGENS: “Allow Me To Introduce Myself”

by Pub Sports Radio

All right, folks, I KNOW what you all are thinking and let’s be honest, you think it throughout the day. They say it crosses men’s minds every nine seconds or so.

For you, maybe it’s when you first wake in the morning, maybe while driving to work, or maybe even when you’re making sweet sweet love but whatever the scenario, you can’t stop thinking about injecting college football straight into your veins. Enter me.  I’m dedicating my time to being your ACC dealer so you can get your fix.

Since I’m just starting this venture, I’m only going to preview a Friday night ACC game this week and let me tell you this one is tough to handicap.  In the future, I’ll be breaking down several ACC games each week.

I don’t care if Clemson is playing Alabama St. ACC DEGENS will be about handicapping and even blowout games can have some value.  I’m sticking with what I’ve seen and some narratives for this week but as the season continues I will slowly add in the analytics once we have enough season data for a clearer picture of what these teams are all about.

UNC (+3) @ Wake Forest

William Mack Brown ladies and gents.  UNC won just two games last year and they’ve already hit that mark in only two games so far. I think that math checks out as undefeated.  These guys are up and ready to play for Willy MACdaddy Brown.

This is a scary spot for handicapping though.  Two emotional victories and now going on the road just screams let down spot.

Brown admitted they started week one slow against SC by running for most of the 1st half before finally opening it up in the 2nd half when they felt they had figured out the Gamecock’s defensive strategy.  They were 0-6 on the road last year and I have a feeling we could see that same slow start to feel the game out this week.

The Demon Deacons are also 2-0.  They went on the road to beat Rice 41-21 in their 2nd game of the year but if you look into this game Wake definitely had some variance on their side.

WF had a strip sack early to jump out 14-0. Rice’s first string QB was injured early on but Rice still managed to tie the game at 14 by the end of the 1st. A 4th and goal stop early in the 4th quarter led to a 96 yard td run by Kenneth Walker the very next play.  That is a TON of high variance plays that the Demon Deacons were on the right side of.


With all that said, I still like the Wake Forest Demon Deacons laying the points on Friday night. UNC hits the road after two emotional wins and I don’t know if they can slow this Demon Deacon’s offense down. Plus, it seems like Brown isn’t quite ready to let true freshman Sam Howell loose and I think that trend will continue in UNC’s first true road game.  Don’t expect a third straight 4th quarter comeback from UNC this week.


Wake Forest -3


  Wake Forest -2 half

            Wake Forest over 34.5 (UNC likes to run but I think Wake can get there)

Quick Note –

I will have money on all these picks myself unless noted otherwise.  DEGEN picks are picks I feel strongly about.  SUPER DEGEN picks I like, not quite as much, but enough to play them for my ACC fix.

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