A Shameless Brown Nosing of Roger Goodell: Have Mercy on Zeke

by Taco Joe
Dear Roger Goodell,
You do a great job being the Commissioner of the most flawlessly run organization in sports. There is literally NOTHING wrong with the NFL.
The way you handled Deflategate was done with so much class and grace, I felt like you could’ve put more hurt on New England to be totally honest.
Don’t even get me started to how generous and merciful you where to the Saints. All the evils they did with the bounties almost deserved relegation to the Arena Football league.
Then New Orleans was so unfair with all the complaining about the “no-call.” What babies. As a Cowboys fan I could never imagine complaining about a missed call during a playoff game. Imagine creating hashtags and memes about a call in a game?? Come on Saints fans, respect the Shield. They made the call they made, get over it.
So when deliberating over this extremely small Zeke matter please remember my brown nosing. Please be more gracious than you have in the past. Again thank you for flawlessly running this league.
With love,
A Hopeful Dallas Cowboys Fan.
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