A Guide For The Confusing 2020 NHL Draft Lottery

by Pub Sports Radio

A Guide For The Confusing 2020 NHL Draft Lottery

By: Zach Irwin (@ZachIrwin3196)


Tuesday afternoon NHL commissioner Gary Bettman announced today in-depth about the hopeful return of the NHL and playoff hockey in the summer with the return-to-play plan. With this plan, the NHL became the first of the four major North American sports leagues to have an official declaration that its sport will return to play due to the shutdown of the coronavirus. Bettman and the NHLPA officially closed the door on the 2019-20 season and ring in the 24-team playoff format.

Also during commissioner Bettman’s announcement, he talked about that the draft lottery will be held on June 26th and that it will be held prior to the start of the playoffs. Bettman stated that the league came up with a “unique”, but also complicated way to have the draft lottery. The lottery could possibly take a two-phase process to determine who will be awarded the first pick in the upcoming draft. Here’s the breakdown:


1. The seven teams who did not qualify for the playoffs are automatically done for the season, and will automatically be entered into the lottery.

2. When the playoffs start there will be a play-in round; the eight teams who fail to advance to the traditional 16 team playoffs will receive one of the final 8 spots in the lottery.

3. Phase one will begin for the draft lottery on June 26th, then which the league will draw the first three team selections in the NHL draft. During this, they will use the eight teams who failed to advance in the playoffs as placeholders.

4. If any of the non-top four teams are still competing and draw one the first 3 selections in the draft, then phase 2 will kick in.

5. Once the play-in rounds are completed, the eight teams who failed to advance will be entered into the draft lottery with the same odds (12.5%) to move into the top 3 (where the placeholder was drawn).

6. Then when the top 3 picks are finalized and determined, the order for the remainder of the first round will get determined by point percentages of the 2019-20 season.


With these being the new draft lottery rules for this season here are the seven teams and there current odds of winning the first overall pick:


1. Detriot Red Wings: 18.5%
2. Ottawa Senators: 13.5%

3. Ottawa Senators: 11.5% (pick acquired from San Jose via trade)
4. Los Angeles Kings: 9.5%
5. Anaheim Ducks: 8.5%
6. New Jersey Devils: 7.5%
7. Buffalo Sabres: 6.5%

And now here are the odds for the teams who fail to advance in the play-in round (remaining 8 placeholder teams):


★ Team A: 6%
★ Team B: 5%
★ Team C: 3.5%
★ Team D: 3%
★ Team E: 2.5%
★ Team F: 2%
★ Team G: 1.5%
★ Team H: 1%

What we know is that the draft will take place after the playoffs have concluded. An official date however has not been determined.

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