The Barbecue Station Keeping It Real

by Jeff Slaughter

For 20 years The Barbecue Station has flown under the radar, yet with every visit I seem to enjoy the Bbq more and more. You see, barbecue joints tend to pop up all the time in San Antonio Texas but very few of them I would recommend. The Barbecue Station however, has kept things going by serving traditional Bbq with very good sides. It seems like lately, new Bbq places are trying to put a very modern culinary infused twist on Bbq, and well I just don’t like it. That saying ” If it ain’t broke, don’t fix” should apply to all future Bbq restaurants looking to tap into the Bbq world. That and the other saying  “Never trust a skinny cook” , is kind of like walking into a Bbq place and not seeing a Bbq pit anywhere. At The Barbecue station, the smoker pits are right behind the counter where you place your order. You can watch the cook pull your meat straight from the pit and slice it up to perfection  Now if that’s not a traditional Bbq place then I don’t know what is. I believe The Barbecue Station deserves many kudos for doing things the right way, the traditional way and the Texas way.

This place is a must visit. And trust me when I say order the pork ribs and jalapeno mac & cheese.


1610 NE 410

SATX 78209

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