Today, We’re All Red Raiders

by Taco Joe
Look, I don’t know much about Texas Tech Red Raider Basketball, except for the fact that they have pretty good defense, but today i’m a fan.
Y’all know me, I hate every other D1 College in America (Except for Notre Dame, LSU, and sometimes Purdue) but for one shining day, all Texans, regardless of collegiate affiliation, is pulling for Tech.
We Texans pride ourselves on excellence, on just being better than you, and being better than you the only way we know how, our way. For too long now, Texas hasn’t had it’s name in the end of the road in national title games. Now the Lady Bear’s from Linda are the women’s national champs and the Texas Tech boys have a chance to bring the men’s trophy to the Lone Star State.
Once Wednesday comes around, we’ll be Red Raiders, and Longhorns, and Aggies, and Roadrunners again, but tonight, and if they win, tomorrow, we’re one thing, Texans.
Orange, Maroon, and Red are all in the same family boys. Bring this home for all of us.
And if you Roadrunners need any other motivation, UTEP reeeeeeaaaallly doesn’t want Tech to win. The “Glory Road” season is literally the only thing they have. Anything to knock UTEP down a peg is good by me.
Wreck ’em Tech. Win this one for Texas.
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