This past Saturday, football returned to the Alamo City. For the first time in their young existences, The Roadrunners of UTSA and the Cardinals of UIW clashed in the first-ever Hometown Showdown, which many are calling the Hometown Beatdown because let’s be honest it wasn’t exactly a competitive game. After the Runners got off to a rocky start, Frank Harris and the Bad Birds from Babcock turned on the jets and never really looked back. The final score was 35-7 and UTSA started off their 2019 campaign 1-0.

  1. Frank Harris is the chosen one.

I know UIW is an FCS school and I know that Baylor, Army, and A&M’s defensive linemen will be a lot bigger and a lot better than the boys from UIW, but College Football is all about being competitive in your own conference. Let’s not act like we are in the SEC folks, CUSA’s guys are only about a step or two above the FCS level talent so I feel fairly good about our chances. Frank Harris is everything we were told he was. He’s a playmaker, saying he can run like a deer is an understatement, and that arm of his should be considered a Texas National Treasure. When this line solidifies over the course of this upcoming year, UTSA’s offense is going to be a force to be reckoned with. There is no one in this conference I’m scared of with Frank Harris at the helm, and the boys from West Point, Waco and College Station look more and more human by the day.

2. I’m not used to winning at all.

During the third quarter, I realized that there was no fathomable way we were going to lose this game. In my time as a Roadrunner football fan, I’ve only felt this way a select few times, Texas State 2017, Rice 2018, and UNT 2017 (which we ended up losing because go figure) to name a few. This is a feeling I would absolutely adore getting used to, however, this schedule is going to get harder before it gets easier, but as previously stated im not really scared of anyone.

3. Touchdowns are fantastic.

We actually scored touchdowns in this game, not garbage time TD’s against Arizona State backups, real-life, meaningful touchdowns. We scored in every quarter, we made extra points, we sustained drives, and we never settled for a field goal. When we were in the position to score a touchdown we scored a touchdown, we played the fight song, we jumped and hugged and the band spun in circles. Being a Roadrunner fan on Saturday night was fun, we outclassed them in every way. We were just flat out the better team, they knew it, we knew it, it was so much fun.

I’ve been saying this since Frank Harris was named QB1 the Glory Days are here. Beating up on Little Brother is a great way to start it. This year is going to be important for the future of our program, and keeping the San Antonio three healthy and productive is going to be a huge part of it. Our offensive line is maturing with every snap, and our defense is young and scrappy, theres so much to be excited about when it comes to this team. I’m riding pretty high on them right now, and I’m the never-ending optimist, but I know troubled waters are ahead, but in the true spirit of college football,

Why not us?

Go Runners. Beat Baylor.

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