Hollywood, CA. – Let me start by saying ‘Nachos and Popcorn’ loved Captain Marvel! If you are a fan of Marvel and The Avengers, this is the movie you have waited for. Our anticipation for ‘End Game’ has us on the edge of our seats. Here are just a few things we loved and wanted to share, without ruining your movie experience.

No. 1 – The opening Marvel Sequence that normally shows all the Marvel Characters, pays homage to the late Stan Lee. So wonderfully made, it brought a tear to our eye, and an applauds from the audience.
No. 2 – Finding out Fury has a middle name, and how he loses his eye. We will leave that right there, we don’t want to spoil the fun behind that one.
No. 3 – Stay until the end, the VERY END! We were left with the thought of “did we just wait until the end to see that?” But we promise it’s important.
Overall, don’t miss it this weekend. You don’t want to be that co-worker, on Monday morning, left out of the conversation. Head over to your local Santikos Theater, tell them you want some “Nachos and Popcorn”, sit back, and enjoy!
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