A New Series: My 5 Best and Worst UTSA Sports Moments Part 1, By Jamar Brown

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A New Series: My 5 Best and Worst UTSA Sports Moments

Part 1, By Jamar Brown


Another series, Jamar? Before you even finished the last one? Yes, captivated audience, I am doing such a thing. Honestly, you can probably put Pt. 4 in the Lost Files because who knows when I’m going to feel motivated enough to finish it. To give you context on this series, however, I have to explain my almost three years of college. I’ve been a member of the Spirit of San Antonio for 3 years (the Establishment will have you believe it’s two, but they don’t know what they’re talking about) and have been to various UTSA sporting events. From football to basketball to even volleyball, I’ve been present at a lot of memorable games and moments. The first part of this series will highlight the lows I have experienced because let’s face it, I’ve seen a lot. We’ll start from a moment that was upsetting and end on a moment that was probably one of the worst days of my life.Let’s get to it.

#5: Josiah Tauefa leaving a year early

This one hurts because of the performance of the defense the following season. Tauefa was known (aside from his great hair) for being the second greatest defensive player in UTSA’s short, going on 10-year history. His best attribute was tackling to go along with his great anticipation. If you turned on any film from UTSA the season after he left for the league, you’ll see one huge thing: missed tackles. So many big plays, so many touchdowns given up all because of the inability to tackle. The worst part is that it seemed like no one cared. There were no leaders on that side of the ball to hold their teammates accountable. Had Tauefa decided to stay for his senior year, you could’ve possibly seen a slightly improved defense and not so many blowouts. That’s in the past however and the Flowin’ Samoan is currently on the New York Giants roster and married to his college sweetheart.

#4: UTSA losing to Oregon State in Houston

Another travel story during my junior year, a young group of gentlemen traveled to Houston to watch the Roadrunner Men’s basketball team play against Oregon State. The trip was amazing. We had fantastic seats, had some good food after the game and we enjoyed so much needed time amongst friends in the hotel room afterward. You might find yourself asking then, “Why does this make the list of my worst UTSA sports moments?”. Because this was probably the first game the Badbirds probably affected negatively. We were on from the beginning of the game. We had the usual fans yelling at us, all things we’re used to. During the game, however, you saw one ref calling some questionable fouls in favor of the Beavers. What started as subtle turned into downright nonsense, all being capped off with the ref calling a foul and looking DIRECTLY at us in the stands. Mind you, we were in the Toyota Center, so he had to look up into the stands. Never before had I been more upset at officiating during a game and that’s because I’m a fan of a team in C-USA. The most upsetting thing about the game? The Beavers shot 39 free throws to the ‘Runners’ 16. We lost by 10.

#3: Jhivvan Jackson’s knee injury

As a freshman, I experienced a pretty successful basketball season by the ‘Runners that was peaking towards the end of the regular season. The momentum was supposed to carry us into the conference tournament which would have likely led to an NCAA tournament berth. That was all supposed to put a perfect end on a rocky academically freshman year. Then, Jackson goes down. In was early in the first half against La Tech. Jackson had already made two shots and was looking like he was on pace to have another strong game. All of a sudden, he was on the floor. I didn’t see any contact, so I automatically knew what was going on. Sure enough, it was announced that it was a season-ending injury that was eventually confirmed as a torn ACL. The Roadrunners would sputter down the stretch and even after pulling off a tough victory against UTEP in the conference tournament, they met their match in round 2 due to lack of scoring, Jackson’s specialty. This put an end to my first year in college and it still hasn’t left my mind.

#2: Tuba 6

The occurrence of this happening wasn’t that bad. It was actually hilarious. During the UTSA and UAB game in 2017, an incident occurred that will forever be known in S.O.S.A lore. Before halftime, the band headed down to the field to get ready for their halftime performance. The tubas (my section) may have been a little too close to the sideline because when a stray UAB player was pushed out of bounds, he rammed into a tuba in front of one of our section members. The tuba and player were both taken out in what was one of the most hilarious things that I have ever been apart of. The tuba was trashed and the student had a huge bruise on his calve and a story to tell for the rest of his life. The backlash from this was funny at first but quickly turned annoying. A funeral service followed at our first rehearsal after the game which was funny. There’s a video of me somewhere pretending to weep over the tuba like a war widow. Soon, it became the most annoying meme I’ve ever been apart of and still comes up on occasion. I know I’m speaking for the majority of the tuba section when I say, “give it a rest!”. Please.

#1: The UNT Trip

Last fall, a young group of gentlemen who would forever be remembered as the Denton 8 traveled to watch the UTSA Football team play the Mean Green. They went for an exciting game in hostile territory. They left with depleted spirits and a lackadaisical attitude towards UTSA athletics that would carry on for the rest of the year. We were having a really good time on the trip. We drove up early in the morning and arrived at a welcoming alumni tailgate. We threw a football around and ate some interesting pizza. We walked amongst the surprisingly welcoming UNT fans. We finally walked to our seats and awaited kickoff. Those were the only positives for the rest of the game. UNT proceeded to score three unanswered touchdowns in the first 20 minutes before UTSA could score their only points of the game, a field goal. Before half time, sprite had been poured on heads, violence had been threatened against us and our quarterback went down with a season-ending injury to a part of his body that hadn’t been a previous red flag. It was all capped off with the cherry on top that was a certain man (that will remain unnamed) knocking down a precious photograph belonging to the family that was hosting us (it was me, I did it). All in all, the trip was the biggest waste of time and I still haven’t mentally recovered.

My next entry in this two-part series will discuss the greatest moments I’ve experienced in my 3 years at UTSA

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